WiredTree Managed VPS Coupon Codes

50% Off the First 2 Months

WiredTree Managed Hybrid Coupon Codes

50% Off the First 2 Months

WiredTree Managed Servers Coupon Codes

10% off any Managed Servers (dedicated servers) plan

DOUBLE YOUR RAM!: Get 2x the base RAM allocation for free! - That means 8GB for the price of 4GB, or get 16GB for the price of 8GB!

DOUBLE YOUR SSD!:Get Double the default Intel SSD space for free! - This code makes the primary disk 240GB SSD the same price as 120GB SSD! Twice the space for the same price! This works for both 330 and 520 series SSDs!

DOUBLE YOUR SSD #2!:Get an Intel 330 120GB SSD free! - Add a second SSD to your server for free! Perfect to optimize MySQL performance! Use this code to make your second 120GB SSD free for RAID-1 as well!

SAVE 50% WHILE YOU MOVE!:Get 50% off your first two months of a WiredTree Dedicated Server! - Make the transition with ease - we'll migrate your sites over for you and you won't be paying full price for two services at the same time! We make it easy for you here!



Note: The price shown in the cart will be the normal monthly recurring rate, but you will only be charged 50% the first 2 months of service for the server. Coupon is valid for new service orders only. Existing clients may use this coupon for additional new service orders.

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